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[Interview] : Carole from Canada

We are back with another interview.
Now it is time to meet Carole (or Taxingwoman) from South Western Ontario, Canada. She has been a Postcrossing member for over 4 years.

1.How did you come across Postcrossing?
I was a member of Bookcrossing and saw a message there about Postcrossing so I decided to check it out.

2. Do you have any other interesting hobbies or do you collect anything?
I collect Wade figurines that came in packages of Red Rose Tea, Snow Babies, and fridge magnets. I like art and go to galleries often.
3. Show us your mailbox, your post office or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

4. Your favorite received postcard to date and what makes it special.
A gold embossed card of Bruce Lee from Taiwan, with Bruce Lee stamp. I love 1970's Kung Fu movies.

5. Have you ever been in Portugal? What do you know about Portugal?
Never been. We do have a large Portuguese community in my city. I like to buy Churasquera grilled chicken with hot sauce and Portuguese corn bread. I like the ceramics of roosters.

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